Motor Fleet

We provide the full range of cover and support of Commercial Motor Fleet customers:

  • Large or small fleets
  • Cars, vans and lorries
  • Fossil fuel or electric
  • With 3 years claims history

Why Ponsford?

We believe outstanding insurance
should always be a partnership.

We provide full support to our clients,
from the start to the finish of a claim.

We work closely with our clients, delivering
the best insurance cover at competitive prices.

Our service to fleet customers includes:

  • Comprehensive covers from experienced fleet insurers
  • Claim handling support, analysis and reporting Fleet management solutions to better manage your journeys and drivers
  • Telematics (black box) and dash cam technologies to manage driving behaviour and protect against unscrupulous third parties
  • Legal expenses
  • Breakdown & recovery

Need some advice?

We can arrange the insurance specific to your requirements.
If you’d like advice, feel free to give us a call on 0127 584 0400.

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